(Skin Tag, Red Vein & Wart Removal)

Short wave diathermy is used in the treatment off all forms of warts, skin tags, red thread veins, Millia and cherry blood spots. Cauterising them, which then heals very quickly leaving little or no mark on the skin – over 20 years of experience. Please contact me to arrange a consultation.

Cherry Spots

Cherry spots (cherry angiomas) are common, also known as senile angiomas, giving a reddish appearance, but harmless.


Cholesterol deposits around the eyes forming fatty yellowish lumps, they are harmless.

Spider Veins

Spider veins occur when veins are dilated or enlarged just below the surface.  More common the the face ad legs.


Found on the face and body, warts are small bumps that feel ard and rough to the touch.  They vary in colour and can look greyish, brown, black or pink and can also appear on the eyelids.

Millium Cysts

These are small white bumps that occur under the eyes and cheeks in groups called Millia.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are small soft coloured growths that hang off your skin.

We have 30 years’ experience dealing with skin conditions which if curcumstance dictates, I will refer you to a consultant dermatologist at the Three Shires Hospital.  We have over the years, created an excellent relationship ensuring the best care and leading to positive outcomes.

Treatment and removal of cherry spots, red veins, warts, skin tags, millia, xanthelsasma – are treatments are suitable for  women and men.  Call us on 07885 794401 for details. 

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